Let’s celebrate the taste of place of New Brunswick!


a taste of new brunswick food tourism, heritage and culture

When you eat local potatoes at a restaurant, that’s Eating Heritage. When you learn to make grande-mère’s meat pie, that’s Eating Heritage. When you buy artisanal cheese at the farmer’s market, that’s Eating Heritage.

And when you spend a few days this fall with 200 passionate food tourism stakeholders, sharing ideas and savouring New Brunswick’s taste of place, now that’s really Eating Heritage.

In November 2019, the Eating Heritage Symposium will elevate the conversation on food tourism throughout New Brunswick!

The focus will be on inspiring and connecting local producers, tourism operators and destination marketing organizations to tap into their food tourism potential. This bilingual symposium will create the perfect climate for over 200 leaders in the industry to share, collaborate and celebrate.

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Really Local Harvest believes that food isn’t just, well, food. That our dinner plate is a nexus of community, society, and the environment. That food is our culture, a direct expression of who we are and where we come from. In New Brunswick, the bounty tells a story of abundance and resourcefulness. Of land and sea, field and forest; of sugar shacks and fishing shacks; of kitchens and larders; cookouts and campfires, and of the wild food traditions of the First Nations communities. It’s an old story that is continually rewritten around the table.

Food is such a direct and tangible way to connect with a place. It’s a way to experience the local culture and traditions, it’s authentic – and it’s delicious! A vibrant food tourism ecosystem is built on a community that is proud of its food traditions, its local products and continuously strives to innovate. Food tourism is so deeply interconnected with pride of place, traditions, culture and food production. The EATING HERITAGE SYMPOSIUM will create a momentum of pride and spark connections towards a vibrant food tourism ecosystem in New Brunswick.


Symposium Objectives

Celebrate and amplify pride of place throughout New Brunswick

Strengthen the local food system and supply chain for food tourism

Increase market readiness of food tourism stakeholders in NB

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The eating heritage team


Catherine Bourque

Symposium Lead

Maxime Gauvin

Strategic Partnerships

Mylène Després

Operations & Logistics

Crystal Richard - Récolte de Chez Nous - Eating Heritage -. Crystal Richard & Co

Crystal Richard

PR & Media Relations

Rebecca MaxKenzie - Récolte de Chez Nous - Eating Heritage -Culinary Tourism Alliance

Rebecca MacKenzie

Food Tourism Expert